About the Site


While there’s already Ghost Inspector documentation and the odd blog post, there’s not much of a perspective from those who use it on a daily basis. The aim of this site is to cover some areas which the documentation does not, suggesting approaches based on usage experience in order to help you get the most out of your tests. Much of what is covered relates primarily to good automation practice which doesn’t specifically relate to Ghost Inspector. However, we will use Ghost Inspector as the basis for examples. Only GI functionality which has been used on a regular basis will be covered. The articles should be seen as expert direction – there may be other/preferred solutions and approaches. New articles will be posted on roughly a monthly basis.

Why Ghost Inspector?

theINSPECTRE is not affiliated with Ghost Inspector. As a tool, GI offers an automation solution for those without the time or technical expertise to establish a framework and set up the related infrastructure. This makes it particularly useful in a project or agency environment, where testing resource is generally limited, as is the duration of most projects. Even though you can start using the tool as a capture/replay solution, as soon as you progress beyond this you’ll find a tool which can actually offer some With a bit of dedication and creativity, you can develop skills in the fundamentals of automation that should transfer over to other tools.

Who is theINSPECTRE?

theINSPECTRE has worked in Software QA for over 15 years now, in both project- and product-based environments, and has been working with Ghost Inspector for around 6 years. theINSPECTRE resides in Sheffield, UK.