Year: 2020

Modularising Scripts Title

Test Design: Modularising Scripts

Perhaps the greatest contributor to low-maintenance scripts is using component or modular scripts. This way, if a change needs to be made which influences many scripts, we may only have to make a change in a single location. Also, we may be able to very quickly assemble new… read the article
Making the most of Test Execution Speed

Optimisation: Test Execution Speed

The time a script takes to run with Ghost Inspector can be frustrating, particularly while you are authoring or debugging tests and need a quick response. There’s also the 10 minute max run time to consider. In this article, we outline methods for reducing the suite run time.… read the article
Making the most of Screenshot Comparison Heading

Making the most of Screenshot Comparison

Ghost Inspector offers a limited implementation of Screenshot Comparison. This gives us the opportunity to implement some form of visual regression testing without using a specialist tool (e.g. BackstopJS, Percy). In this post, we look at the merits of the functionality and consider some examples of potential usage.… read the article